Allen Carter Grant Jr.,
Company I, 6th Wisconsin Infantry

Charles Smart,

Company E, 6th Maine Infantry

Great-Great Grandfathers of

Helen Malzahn

     Allen Carter Grant Jr. and Charles Smart are both my Great-Great Grandfathers and both served in the Civil War. This story is a little different than most since both men were married to my Great-Great Grandmother, Calista Coon Grant Smart.
     Allen Carter Grant, Jr. served as a Private and was drafted 21 October 1864.  He was inducted into the Army in Madison, WI. He served in Company 1, 6th Regiment in the Infantry. After months of not enough protection from the cold winter and little food, he became ill and was sent to the Campbell Hospital, Washington, D.C. where he died April 6, 1865 of Pulmonary Congestion at the age of 32, leaving behind a wife and two small children in Wisconsin. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery before it became Arlington, one of fifty soldiers who died at the hospital. He is interred in Section 13, Grave number 10091. 

     Charles Smart enlisted in the army 2 September 1862 from Maine, Company E, 6th Regiment as a Private in the Infantry. He served with that regiment in the famous charge on Marye’s Heights on the Rappahannock, May 3rd 1863 when the regiment had 167 killed and wounded out of 500 men. It was in this charge that he received the injury that eventually was the cause of his death. As the Union forces poured over the stone wall on the Heights behind which Confederate Soldiers were lying, a hand to hand conflict took place during which he received a blow from a musket across the kidneys from which he never recovered and led to his discharge the following December.
     Charles returned home to Bucksport, Maine and in the year 1866 his older 13 year old son accidently killed his mother with a shot gun. In 1869 leaving his two younger children behind, he and his elder son came to Wisconsin and started working on the farm of Calista Coon Grant my Great-Great Grandmother and the widow of Allen Carter Grant, Jr. They were married in 1870. Ten years later my Great-Grandmother Susanna Grant married her stepbrother John, the younger son of Charles Smart. My grandmother was born a Smart. Charles Smart is buried in Colby, WI in the Colby Cemetery next to his wife Calista.

Pictures found on

The Grave Marker for Allen Carter Grant, Jr. (top two) can be  found at Arlington National Cemetery. 

The Grave Marker for Charles Smart can be found at Colby Cemetery in Colby, WI.

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