Frank Braun

1st Wisconsin Infantry, Company D

Grandfather of Jeannette Bastable

     Frank Braun served with the 1st Wisconsin Infantry, Company D from September 1861 until he was mustered out on December 15, 1864.

     Frank emigrated from Rheinsfall, Germany and in 1860, when he was just 16, he ran away from his parent's farm to Milwaukee where he joined the Union Army.  During his term of Service, Braun was reported missing at the Battle of Chickamauga, GA where he was wounded  and taken Prisoner of War.  We was admitted to hospital 21 Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia.  At some point during the war, he was transferred to Andersonville Prison in Georgia where he spent fourteen months.  It is said he borrowed on his farm experience and got a job as a camp butcher.  In November of 1864 he was able to escape from Andersonville on a wagon hauling corpses from a disease-ridden camp.

     Frank Braun died September 4, 1933 and known as the last surviving Civil War Veteran in Manitowoc County.  At the time of his death, he was so well known in the area that schools were dismissed on the day of his funeral.  Horses pulled his caisson bearing his coffin through the streets of Manitowoc, to his final resting place in Evergreen Cemetery.  His family still raises his 48 star coffin flag each Memorial Day in honor of his service to his country.

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