John William Duessing

26th WI Infantry, Company I

Great Grandfather of Virginia Temme

  John William Duessing was born in October 1837 in Sadow, Mecklenburg, Germany.  He eventually settled in Centerville, WI.
   John volunteered for duty in the Civil War on 21 August 1862 as a Corporal, eventually was made Sergeant.  His unit was part of the Sigel Regiment and saw action at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (they lost 252 men), Resaca, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, and Peach Tree Creek, Georgia to name a few.  In 1864 they were assigned to General Sherman’s army for the drive to Atlanta after which they participated in the famous March to the Sea.  John had become very ill and suffered for the rest of his life from the effects.  He was mustered out on 13 June 1865 at the age of 26.  There was always confusion over the spelling of his last name and he is listed as Dzing, Diefsing and Dusing for example.
     Returning to Centerville he married Mary Wunsch on 5 December 1866 and farmed there for many years.  The couple had nine children.  After 20 years he finally received a pension of $15 a month.
     John died of throat cancer on 22 July 1909 and is buried at St. John’s Cemetery in Centerville, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

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