Charter Members, July 15, 2010

Manitowoc Historical Society

PastTent President, Sister Laurie Shawhan, gives a Welcoming Speech as National Junior Vice President, Sister Barbara Stone listens, intently.

Another induction Ceremony at Perkins :)  Welcome Helen N., Barbara, Helen M.!  Laurie and Nancy Jo are there showing you the ropes.  Hold on for the ride!

Charlotte and Dorothy are thrilled to become Members of Cordelia Harvey, Detached Tent #21, Manitowoc.


Eligibility for membership in the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 is based on the eligibility as formerly required for membership in the Grand Army of the Republic, which was a follows:  "Soldiers and Sailors of the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps and Revenue Cutter Service who served between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865 in the war for the suppression of the Rebellion, and of such State regiments as were called into active service and subject to the orders of the United States General Officers, between the dates mentioned, and have been honorably discharged therefrom after such service, shall be eligible to membership of the Grand Army of the Republic.  No person shall be eligible to membership who has borne arms against the United States."

A.  Membership shall be limited to daughters, granddaughters and all great granddaughters of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors who served in the Union Army, Navy, or Marine Corps and Revenue Cutter Service during the Rebellion of 1861-1865, and those who died or where killed while serving in the armed services between April 12-1861 and April 9, 1865.

B.  Eligibility shall be through lineal descent only and this shall never change.

C.  Any lineal descendant applying for membership who has been dishonorably discharged from any of the United States Armed Forces will not be accepted into the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865.

D.  The minimum age for membership shall be eight years.

Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 Constitution and Bylaws, August 2008

 Charter Members

Jeanette Bastable

Denise Blaze

Nancy Jo Farek

Jeannine George

Janet Haws

Kathleen Heltemes

Helen Malzahn

Mary Ann McGann

Rogene Moore

Melissa Moore

Helen Nasep

Lillian Prange

Ellen Salomon

Mary Lou Salomon

Morgan Salomon

Laurie Shawhan

Sarah Steffen

Virginia Temme

Kelly Underwood-Dzemske

Barbara Zuehl


 2014-15 Officers and Appointed Positions

President:                                                     Mary Lou Salomon

Senior Vice President:                           Mary Ann McGann                   

Junior Vice President:                          Rogene Moeore      

Secretary:                                                    Mary Lou Salomon

Treasurer:                                                   Pat Prange

Chaplain:                                                     Dorothy Zimmerman        

Patriotic Instructor:                             Sue Schlosser

Webmaster:                                               Kelly Underwood-Dzemske

VAVS:                                                         Kelly Underwood-Dzemske

State Homes:                                             Billie Jo Read

Our Members

New Member                                         Detached Tent #21 Membership Date

Charlotte Rice Weber                              December 15, 2010

Dorothy Zimmerman                              October 27, 2010

Alice Cramer Byrnes                               March 2, 2011  (DUVCW Member since July 4, 1993)

Laurel Olson Ehricke                              March 27, 2011

Jeanne Corbett Petermann                   May 18, 2011

Billie Jo Read                                            June 23, 2011

Helen Corbett Joseph                            September 7, 2011

Susan Ann Servatius Schlosser            March 14, 2012

Nancy Schmidt VanVoorhis                  April 2, 2012  *note:  Nancy's ancestor was in the same Regiment and Company as K.Dzemske's*

Sharyl Traver. Fishback                            September 26, 2012

Linda Smith                                              August 22, 2012

LuAnn Galow Williams                          October 3, 2012

Diana Schlosser Maier                            November 7, 2012

Evalyn Heraut Gotham                         November 14, 2012                                    

Laura Barreto                                          November 28, 2012 (DUVCW Member Since October 15, 2011)

Ellanore Jane Kroscher                         August 29,  2013

Arvilla Bartz Johnson                           May 2, 2013

Sandra Crary Stiemke                            January 25, 2014

Debra Kay Sigl Frey                             May 24, 2014

 National Junior Vice President, Sister Barbara Waltz Stone, prepares the Tent Charter for Cordelia A.P. Harvey Detached Tent #21, Manitowoc, Wisconsin after the conclusion of the Tent Installation Ceremony, the Installation of Officers and the Initiation of New Members  on July 15, 2011.                  

(Photo courtesy of Kelly Underwood-Dzemske)

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