Our Service Projects

Clement J. Zablocki Medical Center

Currently, Tent 21 has been caring for the heads of the radiation and oncology patients at the Clement J. Zabolcki Veterans Medical Center in Milwaukee.  Over the bitterly cold winter, the Tent has bought brand new hats, for the Veteran's being care for in this Clinic.  This has been a very popular and sentimental project for the Members of our Tent and we plan to keep this as on ongoing project for years to come.  At the end of 2014, 250 brand new hats were donated to this clinic.

During 2011 "Reclaiming Our Heritage" held on the Historic VA grounds, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War partnered with Walgreens Store Managers:  Katie Sunderlage, Paul Mould and Katie Rockteacher to take free pictures of Veterans.  Catrina, the photographer, does professional photography in her free time.  We were very lucky to have this team working with us to do this event.  Almost 250 pictures were taken and it was a wonderful experience for all involved.  We should be proud of the commitment we made to our Veterans and all the smiles we gave that day.

On November 29, 2014, Detached Tent 21 held a Bake Sale and luncheon at the American Legion Post in Greendale, WI.  We earned $700.00 and all proceeds went directly into the Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service Committee Account to service the immediate needs of our Veterans.

On April 18, 2014, Detached Tent 21 partnered with "Knit to be Tied", a boutique hat business which Susan Kellogg donates her beautiful hats to non-profit organizations.  We made $153.00, of which will go to Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service at the Clement J. Zablocki Veteran's Administration Hospital, in Milwaukee.

Currently, Member Kelly Underwood-Dzemske is our Representative to the VAVS (Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service) and she is serving from 2014-2017 on the VAVS Executive Committee. 

 King Veteran's Home

Our efforts have reached the King Veteran's home.  Rogene found a computer program that makes Civil War themed cards, thus was born "the cannon blast of birthday wishes" to the King Residents.  A mountain of cards was made for the residents and continues.  The cards sent are are of many themes and occasions.  Some of the ladies handmade cards, while the less talented buy and donate cards.  These cards are used not only for those veterans who might need a pick me up, but for a Veteran that forgot to get a card on their last trip to the store or can't make it to the store.  We sure hope these cards get to them when they are down and out of trouble when they forget to get a card for that "someone special" in their lives.

Residents always appreciate books and magazines at this facility.  Our ladies have kindly donated several boxes for the those living at this home.

Currently, Member Billie Jo Read is our State Home's Representative and takes care of our Veteran's needs at King.  Billie Jo brings the needs to our Members and the Tent addresses them when we can.  She also serves on the Boards Recreational Committee.  Great Job, Billie Jo!

377th Family Assistance Program-Manitowoc

The last several years, Tent #21 has given the proceeds of their Brat Fry to the families in need of aid while their loved ones have been deployed.  This is a gesture given strictly from the heart, so those who are in need can have less worry and stress while their loved one is deployed.


Veteran's Assistance Program

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